Dr. Shahram Kaboodvandpour

Assistant Professor,Department of Environment,Kurdistan University

Email: s.kaboodvandpour@uok.ac.ir

Tel:  + 98 (0) 87 336 20 551

Fax: +98 (0) 87 336 20 550

Ph.D, Assistant Professor

Job Title: Academic member of Environmental Sciences Department, University of Kurdistan and Head of Department of Environmental Studies of Zrebar Lake.


  • PhD.: Wildlife Ecology & management, Animal Sciences School, Queensland Unversity, Brisbane, Australia, 2007.


Research Interests: Habitat Evaluation and Management, Mammals Population Dynamics, Population Dynamic Applications in Managing Rodents Populations and Their Damages (Applied Ecology).

Selected Publications:
1. Shahram Kaboodvandpour and Luke K.-P. Leung (2008), “Does the house mouse self-regulate its density in maturing sorghum and wheat crops?” Journal of Animal Ecology, Vol: 77:5: pp 1030 – 1037.
2. Shahram Kaboodvandpour and Luke K.-P. Leung (2012), "Modeling density thresholds for managing mouse damage to grain sorghum during crop maturation ", Journal of Crop protection, Vol: 42, pp.134- 140.
3. Khoshnamvand, Mehdi, Shahram Kaboodvandpour and Farzad Ghiasi (2013)," A comparative study of accumulated total mercury among white muscle, red muscle and liver tissues of common carp and silver carp from the Sanandaj Gheshlagh Reservoir in Iran". Journal of Chemosphere, Vol: 90, pp. 1236 – 1241.
4. Kaboodvandpour Shahram, Amanollahi Jamil, Qhavami Samira,  Mohammadi Bakhtiyar (2015) "Assessing the accuracy of multiple regressions, ANFIS, and ANN models in predicting dust storm occurrences in Sanandaj, Iran.", Natural Hazards, Vol: 78:2, pp.879-893.
5. Almasyeh, Kamran, Rouhi, Heidar and Kaboodvandpour, Shahram (2019)"Habitat suitability and connectivity for the brown bear (Ursus arctos) at the Iran-Iraq border area    Eurpean Journal of Wildlife Research, pp. 57-65. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10344-019-129  

Teaching Experiences:

  • Bachelor Subjects: General Ecology, Wildlife Ecology, Marine Ecology, wildlife biology, Elementary wildlife Management, Wildlife Management Techniques, Fundamentals of Desert Ecosystem, Environment Distinguishing.
  • Master Subjects: Wildlife and Protected Areas Management, Habitat evaluation and Management, Advances Wildlife Ecology, Wildlife population Monitoring and Invasive Species Management.

Administrative Experiences:

  • Head of Natural Resources Department, Agriculture and Natural Resources Faculty, University of Kurdistan, 1994 – 1996.
  • Head of Forestry Department, Agriculture and Natural Resources Faculty, University of Kurdistan, 1996 – 2002.
  • Head of Environmental Sciences Department, Agriculture and Natural Resources Faculty, University of Kurdistan, 2007 – 2009.
  • Principal of the Center for Education and Graduation, University of Kurdistan, 2010 – 2015.
  • Dean of natural Resources Faculty, University of Kurdistan, 2015 2018.
  •  Executive Board Member of International Society for Conservation Biology (SCB), Iran Chapter, 2017 up to now.