Research Objectives

  • Academic research in the field of Kurdish history with a particular emphasis on cultural, oral, political, social, and economic histories as well as the history of religion, art, etc.
  • Geographic Studies of Kurdistan and the Kurds
  • The study of intercultural relations between Kurdistan and other countries and nations
  • Kurdish Women's Studies in the light of  Kurdistan's history and culture (Women and the history and culture of Kurdistan)
  • The study of anthropology and popular culture
  • Providing and updating relevant academic resources
  • Facilitating and supporting the implementation of research projects by natural or legal persons in the fields of Kurdish culture and history
  • Trying to establish a Documents and Manuscripts Center in collaboration with University of Kurdistan's Central Library
  • Holding specialized meetings related to the history and culture of Kurdistan (Introducing new researchers and recently published books, holding book review and criticisim sessions, reporting and summerizing the latest research projecs and papers in accredited natinoal and international seminars, etc.)