Dr,Zanirar Naghsbandi

Assistant Professor of Kurdish Literature

Head of the Department of Kurdish Literature and Linguistics



Email of Group: lit.ksi@uok.ac.ir

 007 24 336 87(0) 98 +: Tel

Department of Kurdish Literature and Linguistics benifits from the knowlege, expertise, and experience of experts in the fields of literature and linguistics, in the form of four specialized research groups, namely, Folklore Studies, Dialectology, Theoretical Linguistics, and Neologism and Word Selection, with a special emphasis on conservation of linguistic and dialectic diversity. The department has always been at the forefront of conducting genuine research in the field of Kurdish literature and linguistics. it has sponsered, for instance, the Kurdish Folklore Collection Project. Drawing the Linguistic / Dialectic Atlas of the Kurdish Language, encriching children's literature, and digitalizing library sources have always been part of the department's agenda.

Research Objectives

  • Providing a favorable context for conducting original research in the two fields of literature and linguistics (Research topics include Kurdish Folk Studies, Kurdish Linguistic and Dialogical Studies --both theoretical and applied--, Kurdish Literary History, and Interdisciplinary and Comparative Studies)
  • Developing an academic and methodological discursive space, creating a conducive framework for criticism, nurturing forbearance, and empowering scholars and researchers interested in academic research to enhance the quality and methodological standards of Kurdish language and literature studies
  • Inaugurating linguistic research in the fields of dialectology, phonetics, and grammar
  • Constructing a geographic mapping of Kurdish language's diverse accents and dialects
  • Adopting contemporary approaches of literary and cultural theory and criticism to reading Kurdish classical and contemporary texts
  • Conducting research in the fields of folklore and oral literature to shed light on the richness and diversity of Kurdish folk literature
  • Collecting, recording, and correcting diverse old Kurdish manuscripts as invaluable documents to the cultural, historical, and literary richness of the language